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I WAS TAGGED BY NikoTheSkyWing..


1) Choose only one answer per question.
2) Please don't skip to the bottom and answer based on which dragonet is your favorite.  Don't be lazy.
3) Tag at least 5 people.

1: What's your favorite food?
[ ]A) Fruit, I guess...
[ ]B) Don't have one.
[ ]C) Ummm...  Barbecue?
[ ]D) Whatever I can get my hands on, I guess.
[X] E) Seafood.
[ ]F) Fruit! Candy! Anything sweet!

2:  Who's your favorite first gen. dragonet?
[ ]A) Uhh, Starflight, I guess...
[ ]B) It's none of your business, not that I have a favorite in the first place.
[ ]C) Clay!  He's so nice and honest and loyal...
[ ]D) Sunny's nice.
[ ]E) Tsunami.  Anyone who nearly gets themselves killed for their family is a good person in my book.
[X]F) Glory! The Queen of the RainWings!  

3: If you had to pick a place to live for the rest of your life, where would it be?
[ ]A) Somewhere quiet and peaceful.  It doesn't matter where.
[ ]B) Somewhere to the north.  Where it's cold, and where there's nobody around to judge you...
[ ]C) Somewhere high up, where you can see for miles.
[ ]D) Somewhere hot and dry.  You don't get more scenic than out in the wide, open range!
[X]E) On a coastline, where you can swim and walk along the coastline all you want...
[ ]F) Somewhere tropical, like a jungle!  With all the different animals you can look at!

4: Someone's just challenged you to a fight!  What do you do?
[ ]A) Maybe if I lay on the floor and pretend to be dead...
[ ]B) Heh, bring it on!  I'll tear him to shreds!
[ ]C) Yes, let's go!  I love fighting, I never lose!
[X]D) I could take him.  He looked pretty mad, I could use that...
[ ]E) He's already on the list of people who've annoyed me beyond reconcile; he's already dead, as far as I'm concerned.
[ ]F) How could anyone do that to me?  I'm too cute to die!

5: If you had one wish, what would it be?
[ ]A) I just want to fit in...
[ ]B) I want the world to leave me alone.  If I don't fit their standards, then that's their problem!
[X]C) I want to start over. To live a new life, a better one, where no one will hate me, or call me a monster...
[ ]D) I don't need a wish.  It's already come true.
[ ]E) I don't know...  I guess I'd want people to notice me.  To treat with as much respect as they give the rest of my family.
[ ]F) POTATOS! I REALLY want to choose this one

Time to tally up your scores!
A- 0
B- 0
C- 1
D- 1
E- 2
F- 1

Mostly A:  You are most like Moonwatcher!  You're a shy, flighty person, who's different from everyone else.  People are unfairly suspicious of you, and as a result you have few friends and tend to seclude yourself.  If it weren't for your friends, you'd probably never survive!

Mostly B: You are most like Winter!  You act like you're above it all, when really you're a sensitive person, who only wants to live up to your parents' expectations.  You have few friends, due to your tendency to lash out at others.  The friends you do have, however, know who you really are and would stick with you to the very end.  

Mostly C- You're most like Peril!  You were raised by a cruel mistress into a life of crime, which has given you an undeserved reputation for being an evil monster.  In your defense, you never knew it was wrong!  You were just following orders!  At heart, your a kind, lovable person who only wants to be understood.  

Mostly D- You are most like Qibli!  You are a funny, understanding person who can read people like the pages of a book.  You were actually raised in an abusive family, but no one knows that.  You know all there is to know about life on the streets, and people tend to think of you as the smartest in the group.

Mostly E: You are most like Turtle!  Almost everything about you is an unknown.  You're kind, cordial, and peaceful on the surface, but let it not go unsaid that having a dead father, a mother who doesn't even pretend to care about you, and siblings who don't understand you cannot be healthy.

Mostly F-  You're most like Kinkajou!  You're a fun loving person, who wants nothing more than to happy with her friends!  You've had experiences in the past that would traumatize anyone else, but you won't let the past weigh you down!  PARTY FOREVERRRRR!


AW NU. ;-;
I wanted Qibli!!!

I got Turtle, tho!!! He's my second favorite character. :3


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Jordan's wife
OMG. I made this awhile back, as as inside joke to a friend. :3


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